Features and Requirements

Q: Are you looking for a crimp termination solution or a direct cable mating solution?
A: TE's FCC Products can accommodate both termination styles. Our standard FFC and FLEXPAC offerings can accommodate crimp termination, while our TRIO-MATE and ZIF offerings can accommodate direct cable mating.


Q: What type of cable are you hoping to terminate?
A: TE’ s FFC offering, along with its sister product, FPC, can solve your cable termination needs.


Q: What centerline (or pitch) is required for your applications?
A: The standard FFC centerlines are 0.05” (1.25mm) and 0.100” (2.54mm). However, we can accommodate smaller centerlines if needed with our FPC product line.


Q: Do you require any application tooling?
A: TE offers a full range of application tooling associated with our FFC products. Review Application Tooling in the to FFC Quick Reference Guide (English) to learn more.


Q: Does your application require latching?
A: TE’s standard FFC offering and the FLEXPAC offering have latching options available.


Q: Does your application require any agency approvals?
A: Many of our FFC products carry agency approvals such as UL and CSA.