Data & Devices wins prestigious EEPW Editors’ Choice Award for its LGA 3647 socket

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Award-Winning LGA 3647

Land Grid Array

After an intense five-month contest against 74 major electronics suppliers, TE's LGA 3647 socket was recently awarded Best Passive Component at the EEPW (Electronic Engineering & Product World) 2016 Editors' Choice Awards – selected by more than 2,000 industry insiders. This accolade is a significant recognition of TE's R&D capability, innovation and commitment to developing next-generation processor sockets.

Founded in 2001, the EEPW Editors' Choice Awards are held annually to reward the best electronic products and applications. Managed by IDG and the Information Institute, under China's State Science and Technology Commission, EEPW is highly reputable and very influential among industry professionals.

TE's award-winning LGA 3647 socket is the first LGA (land grid array) socket to feature an innovative two-piece design that improves warpage issues and offers better coplanarity and connectivity reliability for the latest Intel CPU processors.


Commenting on this high-profile award, Jaren May, global product manager for sockets, Data and Devices (D&D), said: "It's an honor for us all to see the result of our efforts placed ahead of so many other leading companies. I am very proud of the entire team that executes our socket strategy to develop industry-leading technology – and the recognition from our customers and partners proves the value that our team is committed to deliver."

Marshall Chen, director of engineering, D&D, added: "This achievement reaffirms our engineering capability in the top echelons of the data communications industry. It recognizes the level of innovation of our design engineers and all those involved in the process, including the product managers, system architecture teams, and process and tooling development teams—a real collective effort toward delivering innovative technology and an extraordinary customer experience."

"This achievement reaffirms our engineering capability in the top echelons of the data communications industry."
Marshall Chen

Special Mentions

To everyone involved, congratulations on this superb achievement! The D&D team also wants special mentions to go to:

  • Product Management: Jaren May, Ellen Liang
  • Engineering: Hiroshi Shirai, Corel Wang, Hidenori Taguchi, Simon Li, Takeshi Nakashima, Bill Lv, Yosuke Sekiba, Jeff Wang, Shinichi Hashimoto, Naoki Hashimoto, Kim Jin
  • Operations: Xuqing Gao, Peng Jing, Takanori Masubuchi, Zhenguo Yao, Liu Jiangang (E2E), Zhong Weisong, Zhang Guangxing, Cui Jinbao, Zheng Xiaoyong, Zhang Jialin, Pauline Pang
  • Marketing: Lina Li