EVC 250-800 Contactor

EVC 250-800 Contactor

Safe contactors for brighter future mobility. The new EVC 250-800 contactor for hybrid and electric vehicles is designed specifically for commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.

The EVC 250-800 contactor is specially designed with a rated load voltage of 800V. It features similar continuous carry and short circuit capability than the proven EVC 250 contactor, and is available with the same overall dimensions. The internal design, however, ensures creepage and clearance distances according to IEC 60664 up to 1000V. This feature makes the EVC 250-800 contactor ideally suited for commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars with elevated system voltages.

EVC 250-800 Contactor Highlights

  • Compact high voltage main contactor
  • Voltage rating up to 800VDC
  • Continuous current up to 250A at 85°C
  • Short circuit carry currents up to 6kA


DC high voltage applications as main contactor in
hybrid and electric vehicles especially for:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Trucks and buses
  • Passenger cars
  1. The Future of the Electric Car is Autonomous

Battery stability, high-pressure physical characteristics, and temperature changes are vital issues for EV's. TE’s long history with carmakers makes us uniquely qualified to help.


The requirements for the main contactor under normal operation conditions are:

  • Connect and disconnect the battery
  • Carry several hundred Amps with low power dissipation
  • Ensure full galvanic isolation, when the vehicle is turned off

The requirements for failure cases are:

  • The contactor must be able to switch off overcurrents of up to 700A
  • The contactor must still be capable of separating the circuit after an overload
  • The contacts must remain closed in case of overload (especially at short circuits), as long as the contactor is activated