This type of device is engineered to provide signal connections between two printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our board-level interconnects are manufactured to give you more performance in the harshest applications. Our versatile contacts can be mounted on a single footprint so the customer can swap in a new size easily when a design change is needed.

Board-to-Board Connectors

In high-speed trains and industrial controls, and in data center storage and switching systems, our board-to-board connectors provide reliable high-speed data transmission with greater clarity, with flame-retardant, polarized housings that protect connections in harsh environments. In high-speed computing, our backplane connectors help enable the backbone of data center architectures and rugged embedded computing systems. On a PCB in mobile and wearable devices, as well as in patient monitoring technology and security systems, our spring fingers can perform multiple functions: Designed as a single contact, surface mountable internal connector, our simple C types are used for antenna feeds and low voltage electrical connections, and our multiple pre-loaded spring fingers are used on the board to provide shielding for preventing EMI noise and static.