These products are engineered to reliably connect lighting systems and seamlessly integrate lighting controls, power transmission, and data.  TE’s goal is to design lighting connectors that work seamlessly and that simplify installation. Our LIGHT-N-LOK ballast connectors are tool-less wire-to-wire connectors suitable for ballast disconnect and other lighting applications. Our LUMAWISE LED Holders offer a snap-in LED retention feature, which eliminates the need for soldering; it uses poke-in wire connections to provide the tool-less termination of solid, fused, and stranded wire. Our NECTOR M and NECTOR S Power Systems are flexible, fully pluggable, modular wiring, sealed connector and cabling systems for permanent power and data circuit electrical installations in the construction industry.


Our releasable poke-in connectors are low profile SMT wire connectors ideal for LED lighting applications and accommodate multiple design requirements with up to 4 position connector configurations. With our LUMAWISE street lighting photo control products we can now deliver a full plug-n-play solution for street lighting controls. Through the (rotatable) dimming receptacle we can provide the receptacle side of the interconnect and by developing a base plate and cover containing the mating power and the signal connections, we can deliver a photo control form factor that manufacturers can build further upon. The complete solution is designed with the harsh conditions of outdoor lighting in mind.