Mechatronic Components

Mechatronic Components

Made for mechatronics. TE offers products utilizing designs that integrate mechanical components and electrical hardware into one packaging unit.

Design integrations create versatile components.  

TE supplys components, sub-assemblies, and modules supporting mechatronic applications. The electrical connection technologies and mechanical packaging designs enable integration of customized electronic modules, connector interfaces, and application-specific sensors. The components offer reliability in vehicle applications ranging from anti-lock braking systems to accident crash sensor housings.


Transmission Control Products

  • Solenoid Leadframe Connections
  • Pass-Thru Leadframe Connections


Safety System Products

  • Accident Crash Sensor Housings
  • Acceleration-based Electronics
  • Pressure-based Electronics 
  • Airbag Control Module Housings


Braking / Stability Control

  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Products
  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) Products
  • Slip Control / Traction Control (TSC) Products
  • Regenerative Braking Products