Repair tape

Repair tapes for original equipment performance

TE's Raychem repair tapes are ideal for protection against moisture, corrosion and contaminates of cables and harness assemblies that have been damaged during installation.

Ideal for on-the-job repairs. TE's Raychem repair tapes for assemblies and harnesses bond with many common cable jackets for original-equipment-type protection from the elements. Repair tapes are easy-to-use, provide protection against moisture, offer electrical insulation and keep systems working. 

Self Amalgamating Harness Tape


S1081 is used as a protective wrap on damaged cables and irregular shapes where it is not practical to install a heat shrinkable moulded part or tubing.  When heated in excess of 120°C, the tape shrinks lengthways and self-amalgamates, forming a tightly, fitting, continuous cover. 

Part Description Material  Cable Jackets Operating Temperature
S1081 Self-amalgamating, non-flame retarded, polyolefin DR-25, RNF-100 and NT Tubings -80oC to 130o


Installing T-DR-25 Tape to form a tight fitting continuous cover. T-DR25 Tape is recommended for repairing DR-25 cable jackets and protecting wire bundles, it is flame retarded and has a good seal against splash proof but not immersion. When heated in excess of 130°C, the tape shrinks lengthways and “bonds”, forming a tight fitting continuous cover.

Part Description Width (mm) Cable Jackets Operating Temperature
T-DR-25-NR1-0 1 in (25) DR-25 135°C
T-DR-25-NR2-0 .75 in (20) DR-25 135°C

RT-555 High Temperature Heat Shrink Tape

The high temperature heat shrink tape is a bi-layer, side-entry, heat-recoverable sealing product whose length will shrink a predetermined percentage upon the application of heat in excess of 220oC (482oF). 

Part Description Width (mm) Operating Temperature
RT-555-T.75-A260-XX .75 in (18.75) 200°C
RT-555-T1.0-A260-XX 1.0 in (25) 200°C
RT-555-T1.5-A260-XX 1.5 in (38) 200°C
RT-555-T2.0-A260-XX 2.0 in (51) 200°C


  • Easy installation 
  • Rapid repair 
  • Repairing without removing installed cables


  • Moisture sealing
  • Electrical insulation 
  • Strain relief 
  • Abrasion protection 


  • Repairing cut, abraded, torn or shredded cable jackets 
  • Sealing cable branches