Military and Industrial Grade Position Switches

Position switches have been specifically designed for applications with extended requirements for shock and vibration resistance. Position switches are used in applications where moving parts have to be in a certain position, controlled or monitored such as in machines and plants, and they help monitor the safe position of equipment and vehicles. These switches must be reliable in harsh conditions.

We offer both military and industrial grade versions and all of our position switches are enclosed in steel or aluminum housings and sealed up to IP40, IP65 or IP67 depending on the configuration. Our broad selection of position switches includes options for 1- & 2-pole switching configurations, various electrical connection types and a number of different actuator geometries and sizes.

Product Features

Position Switches
  • Military grade robustness (VG 95 318; MIL-S 8805)
  • High-quality silver contacts
  • IP40, IP65, IP67 sealing technology (model dependent)
  • Both standard connectors and cable connections available
  • 3D measurement of the magnetic field change
  • Position indication via PWM signal or SENT (programmable)
  • Sensing accuracy 1.5% full scale

Technical Data

Position Switches
  • 1- & 2-pole switches available
  • Continuous current up to 10 A at 250 VAC
  • Minimum 10 million cycles; up to 200 cycles/minute cycling rate
  • Different actuator options available for individual needs
  • Aluminum housing

Select Applications

Position Switches
  • Commercial and military aerospace
  • Commercial motor vehicles
  • Military ground equipment & vehicles
  • Plant and industrial engineering
  • Marine applications