DP contactors: Fast and convenient set up

Definite purpose contactors have FLA, LRA, and Resistive UL ratings as well as horse power (HP) and lighting UL ratings. These are used in single phase and three-phase applications up to 600VAC max. DP contactors are used in applications that include agriculture, battery chargers, pools, food processing, HVAC, pumps/compressors, and vending machines. These are also used in the refrigeration, welding, pool and spa, electrical motor controllers and lighting applications where the control requirements are well defined.

Product Features

Definite Purpose Contactors
  • A variety of terminal styles, which enables the product to address your application needs
  • Multi-positional mounting without affecting operation
  • Optional interlock/auxiliary switches available
  • Optional shunts available

In HVAC applications, DP contactors can be grouped into two main categories. Compact 1- and 2-pole DP contactors are the popular choice for central A/C units that are commonly found in homes. Standard frame DP contactors are primarily used in commercial and industrial units. These are mounted on the rooftops of industrial plants, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, and similar buildings. The A/C units carry ratings that range from a few tons to 500 tons.