FullAXS Mini, FullAXS, ODVA outdoor cable assemblies

FullAXS Solutions

Our FullAXS connector sealing systems are designed to function with a very large Z-axis tolerance. Featuring FullAXS Mini connectors and cable assemblies, these meet Open Device Vendor Association (ODVA) standards. The FullAXS Mini and FullAXS product portfolio offers ODVA standard solutions for your WiMAX and LTE fiber, power, and x-TTA connectivity designs. Designed for a broad range of transceivers, and with a connector shell that allows for easy one-handed mating, the product offers a bulkhead construction to plug these cable assemblies directly into optical transceivers or other connector types. The FullAXS Mini connector sealing system and cable assembly helps reduce the physical footprint and installation costs of wireless outdoor products.

Product Features:

FullAXS Connectors
  • Open bulkhead for easy access to small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver
  • Positive mechanical feedback to operator when fully mated
  • One-hand mating
  • Bulkhead cutout eases transceiver replacement time
  • Robust bayonet locking for easy, fast, and secure mating
  • Water proof (to IP67 and IP65), dust proof, and corrosion resistant
  • Expansion to RJ45 and power connections possible
  • Cost effective metal die-cast bulkhead 


Efficiency in Design - Scalable to meet most any infrastructure requirement.


Mating Made Easy - Enables one-handed, blind installs from any angle.


Long Lasting Function - Offers reliable, high-quality, rugged technology for harsh environments

Select Applications:

FullAXS Connectors
  • Wireless Outdoor Applications
  • WiMAX and LTE Base Stations
  • Remote Radio Heads (RRH)
  • Industrial Outdoor Applications
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace and Defense

Product Overview:

FullAXS Mini Connector

Efficiency in Design
FullAXS Mini connectors are about 20% smaller than current FullAXS products and can be placed almost anywhere on the box, thanks to their flexible sealing system. As space in the bottom of the box gets smaller, FullAXS Mini connectors make it easy to transmit power or signal using connections practically anywhere.

Mating Made Easy
FullAXS Mini connectors are one of the only products available that enable one-handed, blind installs from any angle using only thumb and index finger to easily grip the tapered back end of the connector. With three-sense locking feedback, floating connections, and a twist angle of only 30 degrees, FullAXS Mini connectors can be installed by field engineers of all levels of experience, in almost any location.

Long Lasting in Harsh Environments
FullAXS Mini connectors deliver a water tight seal up to IP67 and IP65 levels; use UV material to meet F1 rating, UL 94-V0; and meet all applicable lightning strike requirements. These connectors use the same rugged technology as the entire FullAXS product line.

Modularity makes FullAXS Mini connectors scalable in form, fit, and function to meet most any infrastructure requirement.
Stefan Borgas,
Product Manager
FullAXS Mini vs. FullAXS Sealed Connectors
FullAXS Mini (top) is 20% smaller than FullAXS products.
FullAXS Mini vs. FullAXS Bulkheads
FullAXS Mini bulkhead (left) is 29.8mm wide. FullAXS bulkhead (right) is 36mm wide.
Redefining Ruggedness with Pete.
How Rugged are FullAXS Mini connectors?

Product Overview:

x-TTA Solution

The FullAXS platform represents a rugged x-TTA solution, built to industry standards, incorporating fiber optic and copper interconnects for both factory-made and field-installable cable assemblies. FullAXS enclosures are scalable and easy to install, making them an optimal solution for wireless outdoor applications, in some of the toughest environments. The FullAXS connector sealing system and cable assembly includes FullAXS Mini and standard FullAXS connector sealing products. 

  1. FullAXS Mini Connector Sealing & Cable Assembly (English)

In today’s fast changing world of communication technology, where the miniaturization of antenna infrastructure demands ever-smaller products, TE Connectivity introduces the FullAXS Mini Connector Sealing System & Cable Assembly.