ExpressCard Connectors

Durable and Efficient Storage

Proven reliability and ease of use of the PC Card, with faster performance. Out ExpressCard interconnect is compatible with advanced serial bus technologies, including USB and PCI Express. These products are available in two standard card sizes. Our ExpressCard Model 34 and ExpressCard Model 54 fit into a universal slot with one common connector size. The interconnection system includes a 26-position card connector and a surface mount, and a 26-position, right-angle host connector. Our connectors are compliant to the current specification Revision 1.0 of the ExpressCard standard.

Product Features:

ExpressCard Connectors
  • Beam-on-blade design provides low-cost and reliable performance
  • 10,000 cycles durability on the card connector
  • 5,000 cycles durability on the host connector
  • Supports a PCI Express single lane (x1) data rate, operating at 2.5 gigabits per second.
  • Supports low-, full-, and high-speed USB


Cycles durability on card connector


Cycles durability on host connector


Gbps data rate