inverted thru board interconnects

Inverted Thru Board Interconnects

Our unique headers enable power delivery from the underside of your PC Boards and LED arrays, eliminating top-surface wire management issues.

Turn your power delivery upside down. Our unique headers enable power delivery from the underside of your PC Boards and LED arrays eliminating topsurface wire management issues. Leveraging existing TE connector product families, our inverted headers take advantage of proven TE connector systems. TE inverted thru board connectors are the idea solution for low profile applications commonly required in various solid state lighting LED modules and non-lighting related printed circuit boards.

High Power Inverted Thru Board SMT Connector

Key Features

The High Power Inverted Thru Board SMT Connector is a 7 A, 600 VAC rated inverted header that is ideal for bringing power to today’s high-output FR4, and aluminum clad circuit board LED assemblies. The mating Economy Power II (EPII) Connector works with 22-18 AWG (0.34 mm2 - 0.75 mm2) stranded wire sizes leveraging the proven EP II Connector System.

  • Low profile, top surface height of 2 mm above the LED printed circuit board minimizes interference with LED light emission
  • EP II Connector provides positive latching to ensure a fully mated connection

Inverted Thru Board Card Edge and Poke-In Connectors

Key Features

The Inverted Thru Board Card Edge and Poke-In Connectors are two-position, one-piece connectors that share the same PC Board footprint while offering flexibility in providing either a direct card edge mating solution or a poke-in wire connection to the underside of the LED array boards. Both provide 3.0 mm creep and clearance from all other conductive components on FR4 and metal clad printed circuit boards making them suitable for higher voltage designs.


  • Offered in two versions to accept 1.0 mm to 1.6 mm thick mating PCBs
  • Polarizing keying retention feature option available to provide additional
    extraction force
  • Accepts mating driver PCB geometry variations to provide flexibility in
    the end application design
  • Poke In: Accommodates a broad range of wires from 18 to 22 AWG or
    24 to 26 AWG.
  • Poke In: The connectors have an additional 1 mm in depth to accommodate the
    wire insulation guide barrels on the bottom.

ITB Card Edge Connector

Key Features

The ITB (Inverted Thru-Board) Card Edge Connector is designed to provide direct power connection between driver boards to the underside of LED array boards. This 2 position,
SMT card edge connector provides a perpendicular mating, cable-less, space saving power connection that is ideal for compact LED assembly designs such as those found in today’s retrofit lamps & bulbs.


  • One piece mating solution for faster and easier assembly operation
  •  Low profile space saving design
  • The 1.5 mm height above the PCB minimizes LED light obstruction
  • The product accepts printed circuit board in 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm thicknesses to meet your PCB design requirements  

Inverted Thru Board SMT Connector

Key Features

The Inverted Thru Board SMT Connector provides a small form factor solution to bring power into a conventional or aluminum-clad printed circuit board from the underside of the board. This eliminates the challenges of dressing wires on the top side of LED boards resulting in resulting in
low profile, less obstructed p.c. board layout designs. The header mates with the 1.5 mm centerline AMP Mini CT cable assembly and facilitates a simpler assembly of solid state LED lighting for architectural, residential and commercial applications.


  • Eliminates wire dress management issues on the top surface of the LED pc board minimizing light obstruction
  •  Available in 2 thru 6 positions to address lighting power and control
  •  Accepts 2 thru 6 AMP Mini CT cable assemblies allowing design