Ruggedized antennas for outdoor environments

Outdoor antennas, or antennas that are intended to be used in outdoor environments, require higher levels of environmental ratings or protection. They are ruggedized to withstand the effects of wind, rain, ice, heat, vibration, dust, and more factors that are not generally a consideration for indoor use.

Outdoor antennas can serve a wide range of uses and purposes, from outdoor localized wireless LAN connectivity to long range communications from high gain antennas. The intended purpose or application for the antenna greatly dictates the type of antenna required. For example, communications within meters can make use of small external antennas, whereas communication requiring kilometers or miles of range will require a much higher gain solution. Our portfolio of outdoor-rated antennas has a solution to match most applications, from small omnidirectional antennas for local connectivity to high gain Yagi/log periodic antennas. 

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Outdoor Antennas Types

Outdoor WLAN Connectivity

Many busy or working environments can benefit from an outdoor WLAN system, enabling fast and secure communications even outside a building or premises. One example of this type of working environment is a seaport. In this scenario, a large area requires connectivity, and data is constantly being transferred to and from ships, vehicles, and goods. Several antennas can be used to establish this network from omnidirectional base station antennas to directional panel antennas.

Private Cellular Networks

The opening/availability of the citizen broadband radio services (CBRS) band has allowed companies to license a small segment of cellular spectrum/frequency in order to create local and private cellular networks. CBRS cable provide a high bandwidth solution that is highly secure by using cellular frequencies. Antenna solutions range from small omnidirectional antennas for short range communications, to base station omnidirectional antennas for mid-range communications, all the way to high gain and highly directional Yagi antennas that can provide an extremely long-range solution.