Product Usability Testing

Product usability testing is an important part of the product development process. It allows developers to understand how users interact with their products and to make any necessary improvements.

Do you Enjoy Testing Products?

TE Connectivity regularly invites participants to our Carlsbad, California facility   to test new the usability  of medical devices and point-of-care diagnostic products. These products can range from “at home” tests you might see in a pharmacy (example: COVID, pregnancy, blood glucose tests) to more sophisticated products used in clinical laboratories. The product usability testing feedback we receive is vital to the development of better products and life-saving technology.


In a typical usability test, participants try a product under our supervision and offer feedback on the device usability, operation, feel, etc. Participants are compensated with gift cards that vary in value  depending on the nature and length of the study.


Think you would be good at offering feedback? Read the frequently asked questions section below and then apply to begin the process of becoming a TE product usability tester!

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Commonly Asked Questions


What types of products do you test?

We test all types of at-home and point-of-care medical products, including at-home and point-of-care Flu and COVID-19 tests, blood sugar monitoring systems, pregnancy tests, sample collection kits, and much more. We have a full range of products in need of participant testing.


Who can participate?

Anyone has the potential be a participant. The products involved in our studies are intended for a wide range of users, from people with no medical knowledge or experience to trained healthcare professionals. However, since many of the products are intended for use in clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities, those who work in healthcare environments are particularly encouraged to participate.


How much commitment is required?

Usability testing participants are typically asked to commit to a one-time session at our facility in Carlsbad, California. Participants will receive details about the study at the time of phone screening. A moderator guides them through the process of using the product to perform specific tasks and records participant feedback. Sessions are recorded .


Are there any risks involved in product usability testing?

Risk is low to nonexistent in the majority of the usability tests we perform. In the event there is a risk of personal injury or harm in a usability test, all participants are informed before testing begins. Usability studies are minimal risk and will at most involve a little pain (such as a finger prick, or a nose swab, depending on the product/study). This varies according to different studies, but you will be informed of all risks involved before you agree to participate.


Is my personal data safe?

Privacy is very important to both of us. We use the personal information that participants provide at registration to make the best judgement about their ability to help with specific research or testing requirements. However, we never share participant data with third parties (other than what is necessary to prove the research was conducted, and only when permission has been given to do so). We never sell or rent personal our participants’ personal information.


What kind of data do you collect?

The main type of data we collect involves your feedback about the product from your experience with using it. When you test a product, we record the session on audio and video (which will be retained and shared only with the product developers, and kept on password-protected computers  ). We also collect basic demographic information, such as age, race, and your experience with similar products.


How long do sessions usually last?

Sessions range from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Compensation varies accordingly. We will let you know the session length and compensation before you agree to participate.

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