DesignCon 2019: SFP-DD 100G PAM4 Passive Copper Cable Link

Click video to watch our Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density (SFP-DD) passive direct attach copper (DAC) cable link demonstrate a live 56Gbps PAM4 electrical interface. This interface consists of two channels utilizing a 56G PAM-4 SerDes chip driving and receiving traffic over a 28AWG SFP-DD direct attach copper (DAC) cable link. The data is transported through a Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density Surface Mount (SFP-DD SMT) connector which is a pluggable form factor with two high speed electrical lanes. Offering backward compatibility to current SFP style interfaces, this demonstration highlights the SFP-DD connector and DAC's ability to run each of these 2 lanes at 56Gbps for a total aggregate data rate of 112 Gbps per connector, thus doubling the current limit of SFP style interfaces while also providing backwards compatibility with SFP DACs.