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Thermistor Probes and Assemblies

TE Connectivity (TE) manufactures NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor probes/assemblies for a variety of applications and industries. Our NTC probes and assemblies are available for surface, air-gas, HVACR, liquid and patient monitoring applications and are configured with a variety of housings and styles in standard and custom designs.

Product Features:

Capabilities of TE's NTC Thermistor Probes and Assemblies Portfolio
  • Product styles suitable for many applications
  • ISO 13485 Medical probes and assemblies
  • AS9100 Aerospace assemblies
  • ATEX explosionproof assemblies
  • UL rated assemblies for HVACR applications
  • Standard tubular, ring lug, and clip-on designs
  • Custom and standard machined metal housings available in brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and exotic alloys
  • Plastic over-molding options
  • Available in temperature ranges from -80ºC to +300ºC
  • Global engineering support for custom design solutions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast do NTCs respond?

A: Response time is defined as the time it takes to reach 62% or a new temperature, and is a function of mass. The smaller the sensor the faster the response. A discrete sensor will respond faster than the same sensor packaged inside a metal housing. Typical response times for a Series I NTC thermistor sensor is <15 seconds.


Q: Are NTCs available in a smaller size?

A: Typical size for an epoxy coated discrete in an OD of 0.95" Max.  Miniature glass sensors have a max. OD of 0.15".


Q: How stable are NTC sensors?

A: Different sensor famalies have different stabilaty ratings.  Epoxy coated NTCs are less stable than a hermeticlly sealed glass NTC sensors.


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