New Product: 0.35mm Fine Pitch Board-to-Board Connectors

0.35mm Fine Pitch Connector

Fine Pitch for High-Performance and Thinner Devices

Newly released is a 0.35mm fine pitch, scalable board-to-board connector featuring a body width of 1.85mm, one of the narrowest on the market.

July 11, 2013

SHANGHAI – TE Connectivity (TE) today released a 0.35mm fine pitch scalable board-to-board (BtB) connector featuring a body width of 1.85mm, one of the narrowest on the market. Designed to support slimmer consumer electronic devices, this latest BtB connector advances TE’s reputation for innovating connector solutions that increase design capabilities, reduce manufacturing costs and improve overall product performance.

“As consumer electronic devices become thinner and smaller, it is critical that performance is not compromised,” said Katsuya Unesa, product manager of internal interconnect solutions, TE Consumer Devices. “This latest TE innovation signals noteworthy industry progression for BtB connectors. In particular, the scaleable height product feature offers users different height product solutions without changing their board footprint. The product is also enhanced with four solder pegs mounted at each corner which can be cross-utilized as contacts to transfer signal or power and improve overall stability. The value-added pegs offer a solid solution for high-density mounting, as well as increase space on the printed circuit board (PCB).”

Key features and benefits of the 0.35mm fine pitch scalable BtB connector include:

  • A compact, narrow body width of 1.85mm that provides a space-saving design for increased PCB space
  • Sufficient pick-and-place area for the use of a standard nozzle
  • Scaleable height of 0.6mm – 1.0mm that allows for great design flexibility in product stack heights
  • Dual contact mating points to ensure improved electrical performance and reliable interconnection
  • A contact self-locking feature that provides a tactile feel when the plug and the receptacle are properly mated 


of the 0.35mm fine pitch board-to-board connector
  • 0.35mm centerline pitch
  • Narrow body width of 1.85mm
  • Scalable heights of 0.6mm-1.0mm
  • Solder pegs that can be cross-utilized as contacts
  • Dual contact mating points


  • Smartphones/mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Portable game units
  • Portable music players
  • Digital still cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Electronic book readers
  • Ultraportable devices and notebooks

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