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Use Raychem Heat Shrink Technology to Improve Grid Reliability

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With the increasing demand for energy and the ever-growing complexity of the grid, there is a need for innovative solutions to improve its reliability. 60+ years of Raychem heat shrink technology is based on specially-formulated thermoplastic polymer materials.


Our connection techniques are rigorously tested to recognize standards - Improved reliability and longevity. In the webinar, we will showcase some of the latest products and applications of heat shrink technology and how they can be used to improve the reliability of the power grid with some real life applications.


Watch our on-demand webinar to connect with our experts and learn about:

  • Improve performance and reliability of electrical components. 
  • Upcoming customer challenges that are changing the world of energy.
  • Overview about our solutions and expertise taking a deep dive into our Heat Srink Technology.
  • Case Studies to improve Grid Reliability and reducing maintenance costs/downtime for our customers.