November 15, 2006

Unveils Fresh New Logo Design

November 15, 2006 -- Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE: TYC; BSX: TYC) and Tyco Electronics’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Lynch today announced that Tyco Electronics will retain its name after separation from Tyco International early next year. At the same time, Tyco Electronics unveiled its new logo design to more than 2000 global customers who are attending “electronica 2006” in Munich, Germany -- the world’s leading annual electronic components and assemblies trade show serving the electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, engineering, service-providers, software technology, and data processing sectors.

“Over the past few months, we talked to our customers and employees and, as a result, have decided to keep the Tyco Electronics name,” said Tyco Electronics’ CEO Tom Lynch. “Among our customers, the name is highly recognized and it represents quality and innovation in the marketplace. Employees feel a sense of pride in the name and the history of excellence it represents. Given the awareness and strength of the Tyco Electronics name, we believe that keeping the name is the right approach for us.”

The company’s new logo design and look, also unveiled to thousands of Tyco Electronics employees worldwide in the past 48 hours, is designed to capture the proud history – as well as the bright future -- of the business.

 “Rendered in blue and orange and in a custom typeface, the new logo is modern, dynamic and colorful – a great symbol of our new company,” Lynch continued. “The blue recalls the history and pride of the current Tyco blue, and the orange was chosen because it is unique and conveys a sense of the company’s new beginning. We are excited about our corporate launch next year and are looking forward to being able to use this new logo as we build a new Tyco Electronics.”