Latha Ravi
TE is definitely a key player and a leader. Our job is to be a great and trusted partner to our customers by providing connections and continually looking for new opportunities.

Latha Ravi, VP and CTO of TE Appliances, shares her passion to design and create innovative solutions to improve consumer’s quality of life. As a leading woman in technology, she asks herself every day, “How can I make life better for others?”

Growing up in a family of engineers, and preparing to enter the world of technology, Latha was encouraged to push past barriers and work with mentors to ensure she reached her full potential. Latha received a Bachelor’s degree at Anna University in India and Master’s at Oakland University, in Michigan. One of Latha’s early pioneering projects was in the design and development of RBDS, Navigation, MP3, USB, and Bluetooth products.

Latha believes that she will always have a winning team because she welcomes the exchange of diverse and innovative thoughts that bring unique perspectives to every project. “Engagement is key,” says Latha. She also asserts that “differences should never stand in the way of accomplishing a goal.”

Follow your passion, be confident and be fearless.
Latha Ravi,
CTO and VP of Appliances


What are you most excited about working with TE?

TE has a very accepting environment with a distinct culture that cannot be matched. This inclusive setting is what excites me the most. I am looking forward to the future of Appliances and I’m eager to see the growth potential of our new and existing products. 


Why did you decide to pursue a career in technology?

I come from a family of professionals and engineers and I have to thank them for encouraging me to continue my education and to carve out my own place in the technology field. My grandfathers were engineers and they, along with my parents, inspired me to follow in their footsteps, which was pretty visionary.


A career in technology can allow you to excel when there is an atmosphere of inclusiveness. I like diverse thoughts. An idea that might seem crazy to some, can actually be a disruptor in the marketplace. It is all about 100% engagement. 


What advice would you give a woman looking to break into the field of technology?

Follow your passion, be confident and be fearless! Seek out mentors who can show you that anything is possible and can help you overcome barriers. My mentors include my grandfathers, father, mother, husband, sisters and brother, managers and professional women throughout my career. My advice is to listen and explore. Although you may love what you are doing, it is essential to be open to new and better design and development opportunities. 


Given your experience in the OEM appliance side of the house, how would you describe ‘Connected Home’ and what should it be able to accomplish?

The Connected Home must be able to operate all appliances reliably and provide value-added capabilities and experiences. We must anticipate service needs and provide predictive failure for quick and easy fixes. We should ask, “What problems are the consumers facing today? What haven’t they told us yet?” It is important to get ahead of the curve and anticipate the wants and needs of the consumer. The connected home will change what we view as appliances at home and the way we interact with appliances at home.


What do you believe will be the new wave of smart products?

Home appliances are becoming smarter and are beginning to communicate with each other effortlessly. I would like to enable home appliances that are more autonomous and that are able to maintain the security of the user information and maintain privacy. In order to improve the lives of our consumers, we must focus on their ability to save them effort, time and money.