Repeatered Networks

Repeatered Solutions

From regional to ultra long-haul, SubCom undersea products are designed and installed to perform for 25 years. We provide end-to-end communication solutions, delivering reliability, innovation, and superior value to our customers.

Meeting Customer Needs for over 50 Years. Throughout the history of undersea communications, SubCom has helped define international standards for undersea cables as well as their integration with terrestrial networks. Today, with enough subsea communication cable installed to circle the Earth 15 times at the Equator, and over 100 fiber optic networks deployed, SubCom offers unsurpassed experience, knowledge and expertise in the design, manufacture, and installation of reliable, cost effective undersea networks.

SubCom System Solutions

Your End-to-End Framework for Undersea Communications
  • System design and route engineering
  • Custom-built repeaters
  • Branching units
  • Fiber optic cable and transmission equipment 
  • Permitting
  • Marine, terrestrial and station installation and testing
  • Project Management
  • Landing Party Services
  1. SubCom Cable Installation

This animation depicts a standard undersea fiber optic cable installation, deployed from one of TE SubCom's cable ships and buried with our submersible plows and ROVs