Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions

We design and deliver reliable, scalable undersea networks that meet our customer’s technical and commercial needs while building and maintaining trusted partnerships.

As a vertically integrated company, we combine our research and development laboratories, broad product portfolio, manufacturing facilities, ships, depots, and management team to offer numerous unique capabilities for implementing flexible and scalable turnkey solutions from repeaterless and repeatered regional, to ultra long-haul distances.
With a tradition of exceptional reliability, performance and service, we support our customers’ needs from beginning to end; from system design, to manufacturing and installation, to ongoing maintenance for traditional bandwidth solutions as well as scientific and oil and gas applications.

Meeting Customer Needs and Market Demand

  • Scalable regional and long-haul systems
  • Turnkey or Open Cable
  • Station to station or PoP to PoP
  • Optional services: Permitting, LPA, NOC, and more
  • Unique engineering solutions
  • Flexible cost structure
  • Alternative markets including offshore and scientific


Amount of fiber optic networks globally deployed using TE undersea cable


One-Stop Shop from start to finish


TE SubCom has deployed enough cable
to circle 15 times around the Equator