Kevin Duscha
With smart connectivity, the connector is increasing its capabilities in computation, passing and storing energy, filtering, and addressing the particular electrical needs of the space.

As a Senior Manager of Product Engineering for the Appliances business unit of TE Connectivity (TE), Kevin Duscha works directly with customers to design new TE products. With a lifelong interest in how electronics work, he now focuses his expertise on figuring out how to adapt TE products to customers’ applications. As a child, Kevin was fascinated by the sciences and turned his interest to the things around him, such as figuring out the properties of the radio and TV in his home. Always inventive, he even made a stink bomb using a return air vent! Kevin eventually found a perfect career fit in the engineering field. Today, he applies his well-developed problem-solving skills toward finding new and innovative solutions for TE customers. During his nearly 30 years at TE, Kevin has explored many facets of engineering and uses his knowledge to quickly adapt to changing customer requirements. He is looking forward to the support he can bring to Appliances with new designs and smart products.


What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I enjoy collaborating with TE’s excellent global team to draw upon the perspectives of different cultures, ages, and genders. I’m constantly looking for ways to find common ground when making important decisions. The entire team is eager to be part of the next wave of products that will thrive in the marketplace and surpass our customers’ expectations. 


How does your current role promote growth for the company and benefit our customers?

We’re continuing to grow by enhancing the customization, design, and cost benefits of our products. We’re always improving ways to be adaptable to customers who come to TE with specific needs. Our expertise enables us to work closely with them to meet every detail of their product requirements, including color, ergonomics, and so on. 


How do you stay current with emerging technologies outside of work?

I find it intriguing that millennials, including my kids and their friends, have different expectations about how applications should work. Listening to them helps me think of alternative ways to use products. I also read articles and use phone apps, which learn your preferences and suggest reading material. 


When developing a product, what are your biggest challenges?

One of our biggest challenges is managing “scope creep.” This happens when a project is still in its early design stages and the goals and parameters keep changing. Also, we are always vigilant in anticipating and preparing for possible issues before they arise. We expend a lot of effort to create a seamless process for our customers. 


What skillsets of engineering do you use in your everyday life?

My career has affected the way that I approach certain things at home. I’m a true problem solver. When I have an electronic toy to fix, for example, I have the know-how and patience to find a solution. When it comes to organizational skills, I am a “spacial thinker” who likes to figure out the best and most efficient way to organize and pack the car. 

I enjoy collaborating with TE’s excellent global team to draw upon the perspectives of different cultures, ages, and genders.
Kevin Duscha,
Manager of Product Development Engineering