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Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle Overview

Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle Wire-to-Board and Board-to-Board Connectors - Lighting Industry
The hermaphroditic and mini-hermaphroditic blade and receptacle in-line connector from TE is designed to make connecting of aluminum-clad printed circuit boards for LED lighting applications that include lighting controls and LED light modules faster and easier. The low-profile surface-mount connector, available in two, four, and six positions, uses a hermaphroditic blade and receptacle design to allow LED printed circuit board strips to be joined with more flexibility than with traditional post-and-receptacle headers. Connections can be made by sliding the two boards together horizontally or vertically. The unique capability to slide the two boards together vertically makes replacement of a board in mid-strip easier by lifting up the strip to be replaced and lowering in the new one.

The hermaphroditic design results in only one part to be inventoried and simplifies design by allowing the same footprint on both ends of the strip. The liquid-crystal polymer housings are available either tape or reel mounted, are compatible with vacuum pick-and-place equipment and reflow soldering, and feature a low, space-saving profile. They have a 5 A current rating. Materials are RoHS compliant.

    Key Features
  • Available in 2, 4, and 6 positions
  • Connector mates to itself
  • Single part to be stocked and placed onto pcb per position
  • Connector mates and unmates horizontally and vertically -3 axis mating
  • Connector can be articulated from 90° to 180°
  • Low profile flat surface is compatible with SMT and reflow processing
  • LED lighting modules
  • Incandescent lighting strips
  • Channel lettering

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