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CoolSplice Connectors Overview

TE CoolSplice Connectors
TE CoolSplice connectors are designed to connect a pair of discrete wires, or a twin cord cable in line to a pair of discrete wires or twin cord cables. The insulation displacement, free hanging connectors accepts 18 AWG stranded or solid wire in unsealed and sealed, color coded configurations.

The TE CoolSplice connectors eliminate the need to pre-strip the insulation from the wire conductors and provide a visually controlled termination. The push connect buttons provides a more ergonomic wire termination than conventional twist-on wire connectors/nuts (marrettes). The slim, symmetrical contoured, snag resistant connectors fit through a 16.00mm [0.630] diameter hole or pvc tube.

    Key Features
  • Simple push button termination
  • Developed with insulation displacement technology
  • Terminates 18 awg and [0.75mm2] stranded and solid wire
  • Left/right side independent terminations
  • Available in unsealed and sealed versions
  • IP65 and IP67 rating
  • Slim-symmetrical glossy appearance
  • Visually controlled termination
  • Outdoor architectural lighting
  • Commercial display cabinets lighting
  • Commercial refrigeration lighting
  • Residential and office furniture lighting
  • Security/alarm systems
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