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Solid State Lighting (SSL) IDC Connectors Overview

IDC SSL (Solid Sate Lighting) Connector
TE Connectivity (TE) offers an IDC SSL connector for quick, tool-less termination of discrete wires onto LED printed circuit boards (PCBs). The product terminates 18 through 24 AWG solid and stranded wire utilizing insulation displacement technology to eliminate the labor-intensive task of pre-stripping wires and soldering.

The robust design of the IDC SSL connector suits harsh environments in the solid state lighting industry. Specific LED applications include: lighting controls, general illumination fixtures and interconnection of strings in PCB light modules. Additionally, the product supports various non-lighting applications that require the attachment of discrete wire leads to PCBs. The RoHS-compliant connector -- available in one, two, three and four positions -- meets UL 1177 specifications.

Product offerings include SMT/thru-hole and closed-end/feed-thru configurations. The closed-end version contains a "viewing" window to ensure that the wire is fully seated and secure after termination. The product, built with 94 V0-rated high-temperature resistant thermoplastic, enables reflow processing and features rounded corners to minimize shadowing. Wire gauges are color coded to enable precise wiring.

    Key Features
  • Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 positions
  • SMT and thru-hole
  • Closed end and feed thru
  • 18-24 AWG stranded and solid wire
  • Dual IDC slots
  • Wire placement "viewing" window
  • Wire gauge color coded
  • Tool-less termination
  • LED lighting controls
  • General illumination LED fixtures
  • Connecting strings of pcb LED light modules
  • Non-lighting wire-to-board applications

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