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G13 Style Lighting Products Overview

G13 Style Lighting Products - Lighting Industry
TE Connectivity (TE) offers a RoHS-compliant G13 style SMT assembly and end-cap cover for the solid state lighting (SSL) industry. The product supports printed circuit boards (PCBs) and LED strip lighting modules found in the standard T8 and T12 fluorescent LED retrofit tubes.

The integrated assembly enables high-volume manufacturing of fluorescent LED retrofit tubes by allowing a quick SMT electrical connection to the PCB and a standard pin interface to fixture lamp socket (tombstone) connectors. The product, tape-and-reel packaged to facilitate high-speed processing, is compatible with FR4 and aluminum clad PCBs.

Designed-in features include a surface mount hold-down to provide additional stability of the connector during insertion and/or extraction of the LED tube. The SMT housing material consists of UL 94 V0 rated high temperature resistant thermoplastic for reflow processing on automated equipment. The end-cap cover interfaces with the connector assembly, heat sink and tube, and is packaged separately for ease of assembly.

Performance characteristics include: 2 Amps current rating, 250 VDC/ 250 VAC voltage rating, 1500 VAC dielectric withstanding voltage and a 0.5 inch pin centerline spacing per G13 specification. Operating temperature ranges from - 40 to +120 degrees Celsius. The product is ETL recognized to UL 8750 and UL 1993 standards.

In addition, for G13 retrofit tubes, TE offers a board-to-board screw-down jumper assembly. The product simplifies the manufacturing process by providing the electrical connection between adjacent printed circuit boards (PCBs) arranged in a string of LED PCBs.   Click here to go to the board-to-board screw-down jumper assembly overview page.

    Key Features
  • The G13 Style SMT Assembly is compatible with FR4 and aluminum clad printed circuit boards
  • The End Cap cover is designed to interface with G13 Style SMT Assembly, heat sink and tube (custom configurations are available upon special request)
  • End Cap Cover is packaged unassembled
  • 0.5 inch pin centerline per G13 specification
  • The surface mount hold down provides stability during tube insertion and extraction
  • The SMT Assembly is manufactured in high temperature material for reflow processing
  • The G13 Style SMT Assembly is tape and reel packaged for high speed SMT processing
  • ETL recognized, File No. 3177705CRT-001 to UL 8750 & UL1977
  • RoHS compliant
  • Standard T8 and T12 fluorescent retrofit LED bulbs

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