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Convenience Outlets Product Line Information

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Convenience Outlets FASTON 205 Series

Products Facts

  • Panel mount connector snaps in without the use of tools and holds securely without retention hardware
  • Terminates solid copper wire using stripless insulation displacement terminals
  • Terminates wire end or allows wire to feed thru
  • Alternate connection uses FASTON 205 Series tabs
  • Panel mount connectors available in two sizes:
    • 14-12 AWG [2-3mm²]
    • 18-16 AWG [0.8-1.4mm²]
  • Panel mount connectors available in multiple colors
  • Printed circuit connectors feature tin-lead plated contacts, compatible with standard wave soldering processes
  • PC board versions available in 15- or 20-amp configurations
  • PC board versions available in choice of black or gray housings
  • All connectors are rated for 125 VAC
  • Rated under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File No. E28476*
  • Designed to UL Performance Std. 498
  • Certified by Canadian Standards Association, File No. LR 16455,
    • 15A, 12-14 AWG [3.2mm²]
    • 13A, 16 AWG [1.4mm²]
    • 10A, 18 AWG [0.8mm²]
*20 ampere PCB version pending.


The AMP Convenience Outlet is now available in two configurations, the 15 amperes, 125 VAC, panel mount version, and the new printed circuit board version, offered in a choice of 15 or 20 amperes, 125 VAC.

The panel mount version is a quick, snap-in configuration that offers insulation displacement termination that eliminates the need for special termination tooling. In addition to insulation displacement application, the terminals accept FASTON 205 Series tabs. To terminate wires in the panel mount Convenience Outlet, simply place the wires in the proper position in the connector body, seat the connector cover and latch in place. The termination is complete with conductors fully enclosed. FASTON tab terminations are made after the cover is affixed.

Crimping barrels will extend .375 [8.89] max. outside the latched cover.

Panel mount connectors are available in two wire ranges:

  • 14-12 AWG [2-3mm²]--UL and CSA rated 15 amps
  • 18-16 AWG [0.8-1.4mm²]--UL rated 15 amps, CSA rated 13 amps for 16 AWG [1.4mm²] and 10 amps for 18 AWG [0.8mm²]
Printed circuit board connectors mount directly to the board and feature tin-lead plated solder contacts that are compatible with standard wave solder processes. Two configurations are available:
  • 15 amps, 125 VAC, UL and CSA rated
  • 20 amps, 125 VAC, UL and CSA pending
Convenience Outlets are designed for such uses as surge protectors, temporary power outlets, drafting table outlets, and for a wide range of computer and peripheral equipment applications.

Technical Documents

Instruction Sheets
408-6669--14-12 AWG [2-3mm²] IDC version
408-8898--18-16 AWG [0.8-1.4mm²] IDC version
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