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CWM are pre-printed wire markers made with our white vinyl coated cloth tape material, supplied on a thick, easy to handle card stock, with a permanent, rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application. Ideal for basic wire marking applications where pre-printed single or double-digit legends and some resistance to a variety of solvents, water, oil, dirt and heat is required.


K-Type markers are used to identify wire bundles, cables, pipes and conduits using specially designed oval shaped, individual characters that slide on to a PVC carrier, which is then attached to the substrate using cable ties. K-Type markers are ideal for post termination applications or where retrofit is anticipated.

These markers are supplied yellow with black legends and in the standard international colour code option and are supplied on reels. K-Type markers come in one standard size to fit carrier strips that can hold from 7 to 18 markers and are made from a plasticized PVC material.


Snap-on markers are convenient and easy to use. These markers are supplied on a 'wand' applicator that simplifies and reduces installation time, and saves on the cost of making.

Snap-on markers are designed to stand the test of time, preventing costly re-work before the life of the equipment ends. This is why Tyco Electronics Snap-on markers are found today in power stations, oil refineries, offshore platforms, and other major projects around the world.


Z-Type markers are individual push-on characters used to identify wires and small cables permanently. They are designed with an expanding profile, enabling each marker to accommodate a wide range of wire/cable sizes. Z-Type markers are a simple, cost-effective solution for many commercial wire identification applications. The markers are supplied either straight cut or chevron cut: the chevron cut option ensures the legends remain aligned. Standard Z-Type markers are yellow or white with black legends and can be supplied as loose pieces packed in boxes or on reels. Color coded markers are also available.

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