Miniaturized Terminal and Connector Systems

Miniaturized Terminal and Connector Systems

Big solutions get smaller. TE provides connectivity solutions that use lighter materials and miniaturized products that utilize less material.

Miniature components support the need to reduce weight in vehicles by less weight and packaging space. TE's NanoMQS and MCON 0.50 terminal and connector systems only take up about half of the packaging space required versus 0.64mm² systems. The headers are designed to withstand high vibrations due to their low mass and contact force. TE has developed a fully-automated process that is suitable for series production and can also be used for semi-automated production.

MCON 0.50 Terminal and Connectors
MCON 0.50 terminals
NanoMQS Terminal and Connector System
NanoMQS terminal and connector system
  • NanoMQS - Termination and Loading (English)

  • NanoMQS – Manual Loading (English)

  • NanoMQS – Size and Weight Reduction (English)