RF Cable Assemblies

RF Cable Assemblies

Our RF cable assemblies are used in a variety of applications, such as in the broadcast and entertainment industry.

Physical plant technology designed for analog video copper cannot keep up with digital television. That is why TE created cables and connectors that are optimized for the digital environment. TE’s video patching systems feature a true 75 Ω design that virtually eliminates bit errors, and provides excellent mechanical durability.

Comprehensive Design Support

Cable Assemblies that Meet Your Exact Needs

Every cable assembly application is unique. A TE custom solution can be tailored to match your precise product details—whether it's related to return and insertion loss, propagation delay and phase matching, shielding and EMI, or special mechanical issues like density, latching, appearance, flexibility, or even weight. We approach your cable assembly design individually, using the resources and knowledge gained from years of experience generating custom solutions.

We offer a wide range of RF/Coax Cable assemblies including 50 and 75 Ohm solutions, from micro-miniature UMCC and SSMT to higher power assemblies using N-Series and DIN 7/16 connectors, to QSL for desktop antenna applications. Furthermore, we use a variety of cable types to meet unique requirements from standard military qualified RG cable to low-loss foamed PE and PTFE tape wrapped cable, and semi-rigid. Our engineering experts will find the right combination of materials to provide a cost effective solution for you.

Using network analyzers, TDR, and intermodulation test equipment among others, our testing capability allows extensive electrical and environmental characterization of your assembly. This is not just "lab-based" testing—this testing is set up right in our manufacturing facilities. Tests include VSWR, Return Loss, Insertion Loss, Phase matching, Propagation Delay, Impedance and Passive Intermodulation.