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More flexible FTTX networks

It’s an always-on world. The demand for broadband data increases every minute. That’s why every connection counts.

Because you can’t risk a network outage, you run your business like every connection counts. That’s why you need a reliable partner, a partner with end-to-end network knowledge, and global experience. TE is that partner. Our mission: work with our customers to build faster, smarter, more efficient networks. We do that by increasing installation speeds, simplifying network complexity, and lowering operating costs. Our product is connectivity. We build networks that take data to the user — the office, the home, the fan in the 22nd row. Where ever that data is going to be used. Our fiber optic networks are designed for the needs of today, and ready for the demands of tomorrow.

Fiber is the Pipeline

We’re experts at designing and building fiber networks that take advantage of fiber optic’s tremendous bandwidth, reliability, energy-efficiency, and cost-savings. We believe that fiber is the pipeline that will deliver tomorrow’s applications. 

Design for Tomorrow

Fiber to the home (FTTH) networks can deliver 1 Gbps and more to homes, MDUs, and businesses. FTTX architectures, which are a mix of fiber and copper technologies, also deliver broadband speeds.

Our Customers

Our customers range from national telecom and cable service providers to local providers, equipment manufacturers, and engineering and design companies. We constantly innovate to meet the challenges they face: increasing the speed and capacity of their networks while getting the most out of their existing equipment. 

Bringing Broadband to the World (English)

At TE, we’re finding new ways to expand capacity, reduce installation time, and increase the reliability of the world’s broadband networks.