Motor Connectivity


Motor Connectivity

TE Connectivity (TE) is your expert for all types of industrial motor connections. No matter which industrial motor you manufacture, TE will help you save time and money – by working with you to select the complete solution for your application.

From first idea to final design. Motors today are increasingly compact, yet house more functions than ever. And given the increased volume of data involved, it is essential to have absolutely reliable transfer connections that operate at the highest possible speeds. When internal data and power interfaces can be connected quickly, reliably and efficiently, productivity is increased - and businesses grow. From proven, standard connectors and customized cable assemblies on the outside - to the latest sensor and magnet wire innovations inside the motor. From the first idea to the final design, your TE industrial motor experts provide the service you expect at every step of the way, wherever you are. Contact us here for your questions or if you want to discuss your ideas.

Servo Motor

Servo Motors are becoming increasingly popular due to their high efficiency, especially in material handling systems and inside machinery. With the integration of controls, servo motors are more and more replacing hydraulic systems. From the inside to the outside, TE offers magnet wire automation, resolvers for reliable feedback and great variety of reliable circular and rectangular connectors for any size of motor and many different applications.