Reimagining Innovation

Applying knowhow in unique ways often leads to new solutions. At TE Connectivity (TE), our engineers help our customers integrate more connectivity into the things they build.

Innovation through Collaboration

At TE Connectivity (TE), our engineers, scientists, and technologists partner with our customers to co-innovate connectivity for the digital world. Together, they look at how data is put through a wire. How a connector transmits power. How a sensor detects pressure, humidity, temperature, and vibration. How new, advanced polymers can make a product smaller, lighter, and stronger. And how particular precious metals positioned in the right places in the right amounts can make a connection that works as expected every time, without fail.

TE offers expertise in manufacturing innovative connectivity solutions for the IoT opportunity.

Building smart connectivity solutions requires deep and proven capabilities in innovative engineering design – such as automation, advanced materials, and digital engineering – and complex manufacturing processes, including stamping, molding, plating, and assembly. Our experts have the knowhow to help our customers turn their ideas into solutions for the connected future.