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TE Makes Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 4th Consecutive Year (English)

Recognizes employees' determination to deliver long-term shareholder value. 

A New Era in Connection and Detection

Innovation in Automation

Collaborative robotics. Driver-assisted vehicles. Digital factories. These are some of the applications we are helping optimize – with connectivity and sensor solutions that are driving new ideas in automation.

Innovation at Unprecedented Speed

New levels of automation in industrial production are increasing market demand for greater automation flexibility, new safety standards, and more efficient energy use. To meet this demand, today’s automation and robotic systems are evolving to handle ever more complex tasks, in an increasingly wider assortment of different, challenging environments. At TE, our engineers are helping meet this demand by developing and manufacturing flexible, space-saving, and financially effective solutions that enable our customers to connect, detect, and protect the flow of power, data, and signal – across every aspect of production.