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TE Connectivity Announces Leadership Succession Plan

The TE Connectivity Board of Directors has appointed TE President Terrence Curtin to succeed TE CEO Tom Lynch, effective March 9, 2017. Lynch will serve as the company’s CEO until the transition to Curtin. Upon transition, Lynch will continue as Executive Chairman of the Board.

Connectivity everywhere

Connectivity everywhere

Worldwide, technology is changing how communities operate and people connect. At TE Connectivity (TE), our engineers help customers build the solutions that integrate this technology.

Keeping Communities Connected

In cities and across regions, public and private stakeholders are adding advanced connectivity into the infrastructures, systems, and networks that we rely on each day. These improvements provide safer roadways and neighborhoods, efficient and integrated services, and more convenient and enjoyable lifestyles. At TE Connectivity (TE), we design and manufacture the highly engineered connectors, sensors, and electronic components that enable the connected world.

TE Connectivity enables the connected community.

At TE, our engineers, scientists, and technologists are continuously experimenting and developing smarter and safer connectivity and sensor solutions which help people reliably and easily integrate their lives – at home, in the office, on the road, and around town.