Machine-to-Machine Communications at TE Connectivity (TE)

Smart Connectivity

Today's machines communicate information in ways that are transformational - from managing energy use in building systems and monitoring vehicle performance on the road and on the racetrack, to transmitting data between production equipment and integrating consumer and home electronics.

Unprecedented Possibilities

To support the evolution of smart connectivity worldwide, TE partners with the engineers and manufacturers who are building the machines that will transform how people live and communities function. Together, we are imagining and developing new solutions that enable machines to better communicate. Together, we are helping better connect the world.

Smart connectivity is advancing machine-to-machine communications. Today, manufacturers are developing increasingly smarter devices – telematic machines such as smart phones, smart garments, smart cars, smart factories – equipped with antennas, connectors, and sensors that can detect and communicate faults occurring from disruptions in pressure, temperature, and vibration. Increasing embedded with self-monitoring, adaptive-learning technology, these devices serve as networks for collecting, transmitting, processing, and accessing data. For businesses, communities, and individuals, this level of connectivity is generating new layers of value, by providing humans with quick, easy access to information crucial to making smart decisions about controlling systems, pursuing opportunities, managing their well-being, and interacting with their environment.