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Pluggable I/O Solutions:
Enabling Leaps in Bandwidth


Presented by Mike Walmsley

Global Product Manager, Tyco Electronics

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Mike Walmsley discusses pluggable I/O applications, interfaces and challenges ahead for next-generation solutions.

The demand for increased bandwidth in networking and storage has been enabled by pluggable I/O solutions. Pluggable I/O provides a channel with a range of options for optical and copper links which addresses the flexibility and throughput requirements of the application. With rapid development of next generation platforms, Tyco Electronics continues to take a leading role in industry standards such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand to develop solutions that meet the needs for speed and density.

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About the Presenter

Mike Walmsley

Mike Walmsley earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Rochester, NY.

He has more than 25 years experience in the electrical interconnection industry with Tyco Electronics and formerly AMP Incorporated, with the last 8 years focused on Input/Output (I/O) products.

Mike has held a wide range of positions in Engineering and Product Management and is currently a senior product manager for high speed I/O products within the Communications and Industrial Solutions (CIS) business unit of Tyco Electronics.