Board Level Pressure Sensor  - 1200 Series

Board Level Pressure Sensors

Board level pressure sensor is typically mounted on a printed circuit board and used to measure the pressure of gases or liquids. TE offers digital and analog PCB mountable pressure sensors available for various applications and industries with standard designs or custom packages.

TE offers a variety of board level pressure sensor packages to cover a broad range of applications and industries. Our board level pressure sensors include gage, absolute, differential, and compound pressures (ranging from 0-2 to 30 inches H2O and 0-1 to 500psi).  Sensor packages include ceramic and plastic SMD, ceramic leaded and TO cans. From low power analog to digital signal conditioning, TE offers designs for applications including: PCB mount, altimeters, pneumatic controls, medical devices, HVAC airflow and airspeed.

MS5805 Digital/Altimeter Pressure Sensor Module
MS8607 Digital/Altimeter Pressure Sensor Module
MS5637-30BA Digital/Altimeter Pressure Sensor Module
MS45x5 Digital/Altimeter Pressure Sensor Module
43 mV Output Pressure Sensor
1210 mV Output Pressure Sensor
MS54xx mV Output Pressure Sensor
MS5201 mV Output Pressure Sensor
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MS5525 Analog Pressure Sensor Module
MS5525 Analog Pressure Sensor Module
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1620 Disposable Medical Pressure Sensor
1630 Disposable Medical Pressure Sensor