High-Voltage Connections

High-Voltage Connections

TE’s Axicom products have been important components of high-voltage apparatus in many industries including telecommunications, industrial, automotive, HVAC, and energy networks for over five decades.

TE's Axicom product line composite technology is found in a broad range of products including tubes, electromechanical relays, hollow insulators, and station post insulators. Today these products are used worldwide and are recognized as high-standard components. TE's Axicom product line has been at the forefront of our drive to develop new, economically high-voltage solutions for reliable and lightweight components designed especially for apparatus including gas insulated switchgear, high-voltage switchgear, current and voltage transformers, and high-voltage cable accessories. TE's Axicom products are built on decades of development expertise and an unwavering commitment to customer service. TE provides specialized solutions and on-site assistance. For this reason, we have built a reputation for dependable relationships – not just dependable solutions.

Solid State Relays

While TE's Axicom product line is known for its high-voltage insulators, it also carries a line of products for low-level circuitry in it is solid-state relay products. In 2000, TE's Axicom relays merger with TE's existing product line and transformed TE into a global leader in the relay market. TE's Axicom relays have the performance, quality, and reliability needed even in harsh environments.

Full Line of TE's Axicom Products

Composite Hollow Core Insulators (HCI)

Lighter, safer, and stronger.


Operating Rods

Designed to deliver outstanding insulation in high-voltage environments.


Years of time-tested solutions


Insulators in service globally

Two World-Class Manufacturing Sites

TE now offers two world-class manufacturing sites for TE's Axicom insulators in Switzerland and China with two product families (liquid silicone rubber and high-temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber/high-consistency rubber). With decades of experience and unparalleled technical competence centres, we can meet the most demanding global requirements from our OEM customers. 

The recently opened plant in Kunshan, China will provide shorter delivery times, cost efficiencies, and local service to manufacturers in Asia.