DEUTSCH PCB Enclosures and Headers

Off-the-Shelf PCB Enclosures

Our DEUTSCH PCB enclosures and headers are rugged, environmentally sealed solutions for printed circuit board applications. The enclosures feature through hole mounting flanges, as well as optional venting. Designed with space to accommodate one or more DEUTSCH DT or DTM connector interfaces, the headers feature 90° pins. A radial flange seal provides environmental sealing to the enclosure. The headers mate with standard DEUTSCH DT and DTM plugs.

Product Features:

Specs for DEUTSCH PCB Enclosures and Headers
  • Through hole mounting flange on each side of enclosure
  • Headers accommodate one or more DT or DTM connector interfaces
  • Headers feature 90° pins
  • Radial flange seal provides environmental sealing
  • Optional venting


Headers feature 90° pins

Transparent DTM PCB enclosure available

CAT-D485-EN17 Automotive, Truck, Bus, & Off-Road Headers  1
  • Connector System Wire-to-Board
  • Sealable No
  • Connector & Contact Terminates To Printed Circuit Board
  • Hybrid Header No
  • Shielded No
  • Number of Positions 12
  • Number of Rows 2
  • Nominal Voltage Architecture 12
  • Color Black
  • Connector Code A
  • Pin Diameter 1
  • Interface Plating Gold (Au)
  • Termination Method Through Hole - Solder
  • PCB Mount Retention Type Solder Tail
  • PCB Mount Retention With
  • Panel Mount Feature With
  • Mounting Holes With
  • PCB Mount Alignment With
  • Mounting Orientation Horizontal/90°
  • Locking Interface Without
  • Centerline (Pitch) 4.2
  • PCB Thickness (Recommended) 2.36
  • Width 160
  • Length 180.48
  • Profile Height from PCB 54.63
  • Operating Temperature Range -55 – 125
  • Degree of Protection IP67
  • Packaging Quantity 1
  • Packaging Type Package