Advanced Connectivity for the Connected Home

Smart Engineering for Better Living

Discover the TE Connectivity solutions for enabling advanced connectivity in the Connected Home. Our global network of engineers can help turn your vision for the Connected Home into a reality.

Advanced connectivity is turning the home into an integrated ecosystem. This technology can coordinate operations and achieve unprecedented efficiencies in space, weight, and cost. At TE Connectivity (TE), we manufacture the components driving innovation in the Connected Home. Our components – connectors, sensors, antennas, relays, cable assemblies, and more – are engineered to quickly connect, collect, and transmit large amounts of data, power, and signal. With TE, manufacturers can integrate more connectivity into their products: Large appliances can automate routine tasks, and personal devices can manage home systems – lighting, HVAC, and security – that respond to the way people live. Together, we are helping people live easier, efficient lives, by making today's home safe, connected, and convenient.