Reliability where you are

Everyday, around the world, people rely on TE Connectivity (TE) solutions – to improve productivity at work, enjoy more comfort at home, and protect loved ones wherever they go.

Engineered for Extremes

Temperature, pressure, vibration, moisture, and weight. These are some of the requirements our engineers consider when designing TE Connectivity (TE) connectors, sensors, and components. Precisely engineered to detect and connect data, power, and signal in just about anything, TE solutions enable you to manufacture products that perform reliably under harsh use in the harshest environments – on earth and in deep space. Together, we can better connect our world.

TE engineers solutions are reliable in the harshest environments.

In the deep sea, motion is tumultuous and vibrations punishing. Here, temperatures average 3°C and pressure exceeds 2,900 psi. This harsh environment is one of TE Connectivity's many proving grounds, where only the most rugged engineering solutions function reliably as needed and expected.

TE's connectivity and sensors solutions are highly resistant to the daily wear and tear of factory production.

In the fast-paced connected factory, manufacturers use TE connectors, cable assemblies, and components to power complex networks of IoT-enabled robotic systems. As a result, they can reliably perform recurring sequences of necessary steps – while operating 24/7 and running millions of operation cycles.