Supply Chain

Supplier Social Responsibility

We have a responsibility to ensure our global suppliers share our core values of integrity, accountability, teamwork and innovation and the need for a socially responsible supply chain.

At TE, we feel that corporate responsibility extends beyond our offices and manufacturing plants to our supplier operations. TE is firmly committed to maintaining a socially responsible supply chain.

Guide to Supplier Social Responsibility

Through express commitment to TE’s Guide to Supplier Social Responsibility (SSR), suppliers acknowledge universal principles and recognize them as a requirement of doing business with TE.  This Guide outlines objectives such as rejecting corruption and unfair business practices; promoting environmental sustainability and a healthy work environment; improving working conditions by prohibiting forced, harsh, or inhumane treatment and discrimination of supplier employees; and encouraging diversity through programs that enable socially and economically disadvantaged groups to become part of our supply chain.

Driving Supplier Alignment with TE's Social Responsibility Policies and Objectives

We strive to ensure that the TE brand reflects not only a strong commitment to integrity within our business operations, but that of our suppliers as well. Suppliers must demonstrate that they share our core values before they are established as a TE supplier.  

As a condition of doing business with TE, our suppliers must certify compliance with the principles in our Guide to Supplier Social Responsibility. Policy and Governance audits are routinely conducted on a shifting population of supplier groups, as well as focused third party site audits for high risk suppliers.

Alignment with Our Customers' Objectives

TE’s brand stands for high quality, innovative products which are ethically sourced and environmentally compliant, transcending the supply chain into a full value chain.  Compliance with laws, including Conflict Minerals and environmental directives, are tracked at the product level, providing customers with chain of custody assurance.


We believe we can have a positive impact on the communities in which we do business. Materials sourced close to our manufacturing operations help bolster economic development for the surrounding region. Localization also shortens transportation distances, reducing transportation costs and providing environmental benefits through reduced fuel consumption. 

Learn About TE's Business Partner Management System (English)

This short video will introduce you toTE's business partner management system and explain how you can complete the questionnaire.