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Inverted Thru Board Card Edge and Poke-In Platform Connectors Overview

Inverted Card Edge and Poke-In Connectors
Inverted Card Edge and Poke In Connectors

The Inverted Card Edge and Poke-In Platform Connectors provide 3.0 mm creep and clearance from all other conductive components on FR4 and metal clad printed circuit boards. The 2 position connectors share the same printed circuit board footprint while offering flexibility in providing either a direct power driver board one piece mating solution or a poke-in wire connection to the underside of the LED array boards.

Product Benefits
  • The ITB connectors are surface mounted at the same time as other devices on the PCB eliminating secondary processes
  • Low profile, space-saving connector designed with and without a cover. The 1.55mm without cover or 1.90mm with cover height above the PCB minimizes LED light obstruction.
  • Surface mount hold downs provide stability during driver board installation
  • Flat top surface allows for vacuum pick up
  • Tape and reel packaging for high speed SMT processing
  • Designed with round corners to minimize shadowing
  • Retrofit LED Bulbs
  • Track Lighting
  • Spot Lights
  • Down Lights
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