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Solar Cable Overview

As part of expanding the SOLARLOK product line, TE Connectivity produces wire that is designed to meet the harsh environmental conditions typical of photovoltaic installations. The ZKLA flexible, dual wall, halogen free and cross linked solar wire offers long term stability with TÜV UL approval. Its outstanding features include: high resistance against environmental conditions such as humidity, UV-radiation and ozone. In addition, it has excellent resistance to abrasion and temperature extremes. The wire has a high dielectric withstanding voltage and due to its fine-stranded, tin plated copper conductor, it is easy to handle, bend, route, and to strip.

USE-2 Approved Solar Cable – For the North American Market UL approved cable is offered in 10 through 14 AWG. This cable is approved for USE-2, XHHW-2, RHW-2, or RHH. Sunlight, gasoline, and petroleum resistance make this an ideal cable for any solar installation in North America. A high strand count increases the flexibility and tinned copper wire strands ease the use of this cable.

    Key Features (Global ZKLA)
  • Dual wall insulation meets industry requirement
  • Electron beam cross-linked
  • Outer insulation provides resistance to UV, water, ozone, fluids, salt, general weathering
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Halogen free, flame retardant, low toxicity
  • Very low smoke emissions
  • High strand count conductor provides flexibility and stripping performance
  • Multiple cable diameters available
  • Operating Temperature from -40 °C up to +125 °C
  • Voltage Rating up to 2600 V DC
  • IEC 60228 Class 5 (stranded tin plated copper and flexible)
  • TÜV certified acc. to 2Pfg 1169/08.2007
  • UL certified to 4703
  • 10-14 AWG (6mm² - 2.5mm²)
    Key Features (USE-2)
  • Electron beam cross-linked
  • Insulation provides resistance to U.V., water, ozone, fluids, salt, gasoline, and petroleum general weathering
  • High strand count conductor provides flexibility and stripping performance
  • Multiple cable diameters available
  • Operating Temperature up to +90°C
  • Voltage Rating of 600 V DC
  • UL certified to 854 (USE-2) - 10-14 AWG
  • UL File E314122 and E314123
  • Photovoltaic
  • Wire jumpers between solar panels, solar roof tiles, between panels and AC/DC inverters, "home-runs"

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