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STRADA Mesa Mezzanine Connectors Overview

STRADA Mesa Connector system
TE Connectivity is pleased to introduce a new product family of connectors called STRADA which means "road or path" and is part of our commitment to develop customer focused next generation interconnect solutions for the future.

TE's STRADA Mesa Connector system is the latest advancement for Mezzanine (Stacking) applications. It has a pin and socket signal contact design that can be arranged in either a high speed differential, high density single-ended, and/or coax patterns. In addition, the STRADA Mesa connector offers integrated Power Contacts, each capable of carrying 14 AMPS of current.

The STRADA Mesa system is being offered in stack height options starting at 8 mm and growing to 42 mm. This connector system is offered in standard-width, which has 8 differential pairs per column, and halfwidth, which has 4 differential pairs per column. Standard-width, 8 pairs per column, is offered in sizes 1, 2, and 3, which when fully loaded with differential pairs, will yield 40, 80, and 120 pairs, respectively. Half-width, 4 pairs per column, is also offered in sizes 1, 2, and 3 which, when fully loaded with differential pairs, will yield 24, 48, and 88 pairs, respectively.

The STRADA Mesa Receptacle Height remains constant throughout the range of Stack Heights. Both the Receptacle and Header are Press-Fit attached to the pcb. In addition, STRADA Mesa Connectors are available as a "Power" only system. The STRADA Mesa connector for power is being offered with either 6 or 12 power contacts, with each contact rated for 14 amps of current.

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    Key Features
  • Stack Heights: 8 - 42mm in 1mm increments
  • 1.4mm nominal contact wipe
  • 15+ Gb/s Data Rates
  • 100 Ohm impedance and 85 Ohm impedance is in design
  • Optional guide system to accommodate blind mating
  • Press-Fit PCB attachment for the receptacle and header
  • Two housing width's are available:
    • Standard Width (8 pairs per column)
    • Half Width (4 pairs per column
  • Three base housing "sizes" for each width.
    • When fully loaded with differential pairs:
    • Standard width will yield: 40 pairs, 80 pairs, and 120 pairs.
    • Half width will yield: 24 pairs, 48 pairs, and 88 pairs
  • Power contacts spaced for 48V and rated for 14 amps per contact
  • Footprint and performance characterization for signal contacts arranged in a Coax/RF application
  • Optional high-density contact footprint for single-ended signals
  • Servers: Blade, Rack Mount and Mainframe
  • Switches: Stackable, Carrier Grade, Core, Edge and Metro Ethernet
  • Routers: Edge, Core, Enterprise Class, Carrier Grade Ethernet, Broadband Remote access Aggregation Server (BRAS), and Multi Service Edge
  • Optical Transport: Carrier Grade Optical, Metro Wave Division Multi-plexing (WDM), Optical Multi-Service Provisioning, Long Haul Optical, and Optical Line Terminals (OLT)

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