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ATCA, AMC and MicroTCA Connectors and Hardware Overview


What Is AdvancedTCA?
AdvancedTCA (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture) is an open industry standard, developed by PICMG 3.0, to create a new blade (board) and chassis (shelf) form factor, tailored to meet the needs of the rapidly changing communications network infrastructure, and next generation communication applications. This architecture places high priority on cost effectiveness versus attempting to support a variety of potential future technologies. The architecture is optimized around connectivity requirements of signaling and media gateways, while also providing headroom for higher performance computing elements @ a 99.999% availability rate.

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What Is AdvancedMC?
The AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) standard, also developed by PICMG, defines the base-level requirements for a wide range of high-speed mezzanine cards, optimized for, but not limited to, AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA carrier blades.

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What Is MicroTCA?
MicroTCA is complementary to ATCA, but is optimized for smaller scale and more price sensitive applications. The basic premise of MicroTCA is to support mezzanine boards, conform to the AMC standard, and connect directly to the backplane.

Tyco Electronics supports AdvancedTCA (ATCA), AdvancedMC (AMC) and MicroTCA (µTCA) PICMG standards with a full complement of products to meet the wide array of applications and markets where these standard configurations will be used. These products include both the fully compliant interconnects that are specified in the PICMG standards, as well as additional connectors that product designers need to customize their solutions for their specific markets.

For the ATCA standard, Tyco Electronics supplies the Zone 1 Z1 Power connector, the Zone 2 Z-PACK HM-Zd high speed connector, and offers many different options for Zone 3 power and high speed signal connectors to midplanes, Rear Transition Modules (RTM), or cable assemblies. Tyco Electronics also provides the guide/keying modules required for front board, backplane, midplane, and RTM card alignment and keying.

For AMC, Tyco Electronics provides both the right angle and vertical card edge connectors that are required for ATCA and µTCA applications.

The µTCA standard uses Tyco Electronics’ MINIPAK HD two-piece connector for power and the Vertical AMC card edge connector for high speed connections to the backplane.


ATCA Specified Products:
MicroTCA Specified Products:
Tyco Electronic Products used on ATCA, AMC and MicroTCA:
    Power Distribution & Management Modules
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