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RF Coax Connector Products Overview

TE Connectivity offers the broadest range of RF Connector and Coaxial Cable Assembly interconnect products in the market today. Our line includes industry-leading brand names such as AMP, Greenpar, Raychem, Microdot, Precision Interconnect, and TE, as well as product lines formerly known by Omni-Spectra and Adams Russell. We have integrated these into one cohesive set of RF Coaxial products serving the automotive, broadband, medical, instrumentation, military/aerospace and wireless infrastructure markets. A recognized technology leader with world-class design, manufacturing, sales and support, TE is your global RF Coax solutions partner.
RF Products


7-16 SeriesFind in Catalog
Large series threaded connectors designed to handle high power levels with low loss, low IMD. With performance thru 7 GHz, this series is used where a more rugged interface is required.

7mm PrecisionFind in Catalog
High performance precision connectors used for test and laboratory instrumentation use. These hermaphroditic coaxial connectors provide resonance free performance thru 18 GHz.

Between Series Adapters (BSA's) Find in Catalog
Between Series or Interseries Adapters are cost effective solutions for those applications requiring the mating of two different RF interfaces while maintaining good electrical performance. For In-Series adapters, see the applicable connector interface.

Blind Mate Find in Catalog
Miniature modular blindmate series with space saving designs for multiple mate applications. Available as rigid or float mount with axial and radial misalignment and performance thru 28 GHz.

BNC Find in Catalog
Connector with bayonet style coupling mechanism. Available in both 50 and 75 Ohm versions with performance thru 4 GHz.

Coax Cable Assemblies Find in Catalog
TE produces a wide range of standard and custom cable assemblies for use in an endless list of applications in every industry we serve. View our standard offering or contact TE and let our experts assist with your custom requirements.

Compression CoaxFind in Catalog -
Single connector design for modular parallel board-to-board blindmate applications. Provides for large radial and axial misalignment between boards and superior performance thru 4 GHz.


F Series and G SeriesFind in Catalog -
Miniature 75 Ohm series with high current carrying capability ideally suited for broadband and CATV applications. With typical performance to 1 GHz, these designs are compliant with SCTE, Bellcore and UL/CSA standards.

FAKRAFind in Catalog -
An SMB connector with keyed and color coded plastic housings. Standard used by the US and European automotive industries in RF communication and telematics applications.

FME/SAPFind in Catalog
Frequently used in mobile phone installations. A cellular industry standard for antenna applications, this connector series is adaptable with other connector interfaces using adapters.

Lightning & EMP Protection Products

MCX (OSX) Find in Catalog
Snap on subminiature connector series that conforms to MIL-39012 and CECC specifications. 30% smaller than traditional SMB series with performance to 6 GHz.

Miniature BNCFind in Catalog -
Miniature BNC connectors with the same high performance and characteristics currently found in standard BNC series. Designed for 75 Ohm systems, mini BNC allows 40% more interconnects in the same area.

MMCX Find in Catalog
Microminiature connector that is 35% smaller than MCX. Conforms to CECC specifications and is used in board-to-board and cable-to-board applications where space is a driving issue.

N SeriesFind in Catalog
A medium size connector series for Cellular and PCS Base Stations, telephony, broadcast and high power applications. Its high performance thru 11 GHz and threaded coupling makes it highly suited for critical applications and environments.

Nanominiature Rectangular Coaxial ConnectorsFind in 
More than 1/3 smaller than Micro-D connectors, this high performance series (20 GHz) offers a mixed signal option with up to 9 coax connections per shell.

OS-2.9 (2.92mm)Find in Catalog
Subminiature series designed for applications requiring superior performance up to 46 GHz and mechanical capability with SMA, 3.5mm and K connectors.

OSMPFind in Catalog
Subminiature connector with superior performance to 40 GHz. The push-on interface facilitates easier assembly and test with a positive snap-in feature to indicate a fully mated connection. This connector interface is the standard used by Defense Electronic Supply Center (DESC) to generate the SMP push-on connector series. An ideal interconnect solution for board-to-board, and rack and panel applications.

OSMT/SSMT Surface Mount Interconnect ProductsFind in 
Microminiature surface mount cable assembly system designed to provide the performance of much larger industry standard connectors. Excellent performance thru 6 GHz with a mated height profile as low as 3mm.

QMAFind in Catalog -
Subminiature connector featuring a snap-on locking interface. This series offers the same performance currently found in the standard SMA series thru 6 GHz. Ideal for communication and industrial applications where quicker assembly and denser packaging are required.

QSLFind in Catalog
Low profile, highly reliable ruggedized interface designed for the wireless communications markets. This innovative design has excellent performance thru 6 GHz, is expandable and allows for multiple ports and configurations.

Series 1.0/2.3Find in Catalog
Subminiature connector series available with standard threaded and slide-in coupling mechanism, or an innovative latching (quick lock) coupling mechanism, which allows for quick assembly in high-density applications. All styles meet IEC, DIN and CECC specifications with performance thru 10 GHz (at 50 Ohms) and 2 GHz (at 75 Ohms).

Series 1.6/5.6Find in Catalog
75 Ohm connector series with impedance matched performance thru 8 GHz. This high performance version of DIN 1.0/2.3 meets applicable IEC and CECC specifications. Highly suitable for the transmission of high bit rates.

SIEMAXFind in Catalog
Surface mount multi coax connector designed for high density board-to-board and board-to-cable applications. Available with SMB Jack (50 Ohm) and DIN 1.0/2.3 Jack (75 Ohm) interfaces. 2, 3 and 4 way mounting configurations can be stacked in series for high density applications.

SMAFind in Catalog
Subminiature 50 Ohm connector with threaded coupling and performance thru 18 GHz. Designed in accordance with MIL-39012 and CECC specifications.

SMBFind in Catalog
Subminiature connector featuring a snap-on coupling mechanism and performance thru 4 GHz. A smaller alternative to SMA, it is available in both 50 Ohm (standard SMB) and 75 Ohm (mini SMB) versions, as well as a locking 75 Ohm version (Type 43).

SMT QuickGripFind in Catalog
Microminiature cable termination offers a reliable alternative to direct soldering of cable to a printed circuit board (PCB). With a 3mm mated height, this surface mount device accepts both flexible and semi-rigid micro-coaxial cables while delivering exceptional performance up to 3 GHz.

SSMAFind in Catalog
Smaller version of SMA series designed to be compatible with smaller diameter flexible and semi- rigid cables, and operating 40 GHz.

Switching CoaxFind in Catalog
A mobile phone connector that provides signal switching functionality between internal phone antenna and external car antenna. Performance to 2.4 GHz with durability of 30,000 cycles.

TNCFind in Catalog
Miniature 50 Ohm connector series with threaded coupling and performance to 11 GHz.

UMCCFind in Catalog
Ultraminiature Coax Connector (UMCC) and Cable Assembly Series designed to meet the growing demand for next generation wireless applications such as Wireless Internet, RFID, Bluetooth, Mobile Antennas and Wireless Handsets. UMCC is an excellent fit for 50 Ohm systems, offering one of the lowest profiles in the industry (2mm off the board), easy snap on/off mating, an extremely small footprint (3mm x 3mm) and superior electrical performance through 6 GHz.

Additional RF Products
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