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Additional RF Coax Connector Products Overview

Tyco Electronics offers the broadest range of RF Connector and Coaxial Cable Assembly interconnect products in the market today. Our line includes industry-leading brand names such as AMP, Greenpar, Raychem, Microdot, Precision Interconnect, and Tyco Electronics, as well as product lines formerly known by Omni-Spectra and Adams Russell. We have integrated these into one cohesive set of RF Coaxial products serving the automotive, broadband, medical, instrumentation, military/aerospace and wireless infrastructure markets. A recognized technology leader with world-class design, manufacturing, sales and support, Tyco Electronics is your global RF Coax solutions partner.

Additional RF Products

RF Products

ARINC Coax Products Find in Catalog
These avionics connectors feature significantly reduced mating forces and in addition to commercial avionics, aircraft data networks and in-flight entertainment systems, this contact system can be used in military networking and communications as well as multi-gigabit applications like Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3Z and Fibre Channel XT11.2.

C Series Find in Catalog
Medium size connector with bayonet-locking coupling for quick connect/disconnect termination. Having a constant impedance of 50 ohms, this connector is available in both standard and weather-proof versions and offers excellent performance at frequencies up to 11 GHz.

Cable Terminations Find in Catalog
Coaxial soldersleeves provide a reliable method for attaching one or more ground taps to shielded wire and/or terminating the braid of shielded wire for a wide range of cable sizes.

CATV Indoor/Outdoor Taps Find in Catalog
Tyco Electronics offers a complete range of Community Antenna Television (CATV) Taps. They are available in Indoor and Outdoor versions. All of them can operate in a very wide frequency bandwidth from 5 MHz to 1 GHz.

CERTI-SEAL Coax Coupling ClosureFind in Catalog
Enclosure designed for direct buried splicing of coaxial cable typically found in CATV service drops.

Coax Shielded Wire Crimp (Termashield)Find in Catalog
Solderless termination method for attaching one or more ground taps to shielded wire and/or terminating the braid of shielded wire.

Coaxial Snap Lock (Auto)Find in Catalog
This info is still under construction . . .

Decoupled BNC Find in Catalog
Drop-in replacement for standard BNC printed circuit board connectors. Built-in chip capacitors filter high-frequency noise to panel ground providing a fast, sure way to reduce noise and eliminate ground loops on coaxial interconnections.

Miniature ThreadedFind in Catalog
Low frequency miniature connector designed for one stroke crimping of inner conductor, outer braid and cable support.

OS-50 (2.4mm)Find in Catalog
Designed originally for broadband test equipment, this rugged, high performance subminiature series offers mode-free operation thru 50 GHz.

OSMMFind in Catalog
Smaller than SSMA, its typical applications include requirements from low RF to high microwave frequencies. The higher order moding for this series is above 450GHz, but the primary feature is its microminiature size.

RF Coax Strain Relief BootsFind in Catalog
Durable PVC protective boots available in range of colors and sizes, and suitable for RG series cables.

SHVFind in Catalog
Lightweight, weatherproof connectors designed to provide shielded disconnects for high-voltage applications up to 5,000 volts DC.

SMCFind in Catalog
Medium sized 50 Ohm threaded connector that meets MIL -C-39012 specifications and has excellent performance at frequencies up to 10 GHz.

Thinnet TapFind in Catalog
The Thinnet Tap System offers an easy installation of the Tap and virtually eliminates disruption of the network during disconnection of a terminal for moves or services.

Twin BNCFind in Catalog
Miniature quick connect/disconnect, weatherproof connector with bayonet coupling designed in accordance with MIL-C-39012 to meet the stringent requirements of MIL-STD-1553 Multiplex Data Bus.

Twin ThreadedFind in Catalog
Ruggedized threaded connectors and plugs accommodate today's most commonly used twin conductor coax cable sizes. Reduced noise levels and lower applied assembly cost because of solderless crimp design.

Twinax and TriaxFind in Catalog
Used with twinaxial and triaxial cable where low noise and maximum RF shielding are required. Available in field replaceable weatherproof designs with polarized keyways.

UHF/Miniature UHFFind in Catalog
Available in miniature and standard sizes, this connector has found wide acceptance, particularly in the mobile communications field. Low initial cost and low applied cost, coupled with performance capabilities up to 500 MHz (standard) and 2 GHz (miniature) are a few of the benefits these connectors offer.

Ultra Miniature (LEPRA/CON)Find in Catalog
Ultraminiature connector series with unique helically-wound center contact is available with both threaded and snap-lock coupling mechanisms. Designed to be used with smaller size coaxial cables RG196/U and RG178/U, they are well suited to telecommunications and instrumentation applications.
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