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BGA (Ball Grid Array) Matrix Series Sockets Overview

TE Connectivity's Matrix Series BGA Sockets utilizing HXC125 technology are ideal for prototyping and development. The sockets are fully arrayed matrixes of contacts available on 0.80mm, 1.00mm, and 1.27mm pitch. The solderless, compression mount HXC125 contact system allows you to test a BGA device without attaching it directly to the board. The patented HXC125 technology provides electrically transparent signal transfer.

The unique design of the BGA socket uses an anti-overstress feature which protects the contact and also provides a "well" for the ball to rest in. This "well" acts as an alignment feature which centers the BGA ball to the socket contact. Corner frames provide for gross alignment of the package to the socket. Custom arrays are available.

The HXC125 socket provides a compression mount solderless interconnect. A hardware system is required to generate the necessary forces on the contacts. Tyco Electronics offers a complete hardware solution for each socket size.

Matrix Sockets are also available in an LGA Configuration. Please contact HXC125 Sales for details.

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Custom Matrix BGA Sockets

Matrix LGA Socket

Custom Matrix BGA Matrix LGA Socket
BGA Socket
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