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MTA-100, MTA-156, CST-100 and SL-156 Product Line Information

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MTA Wire Selection
General Information

Critical to the success of a wire-to-board application is the proper wire selection. The chart identifies wires that have been evaluated and approved by the product engineering section. If you plan to use a wire not on the approved list, please submit a sample 12" length of wire to AMP for evaluation.

AWG Metric Equivalents

18--0.8-0.9 mm2
20--0.5-0.6 mm2
22--0.3-0.4 mm2
24--0.2 mm2
26--0.12-0.15 mm2
28--0.08-0.09 mm2

Product Specifications

108-1050  MTA-100 Connectors, Tin-Plated
108-1257  MTA-100 Connectors, Gold-Plated
108-1051  MTA-156 Connectors, Tin-Plated
108-1258  MTA-156 Connectors, Gold-Plated
108-1219  MTA-156 Quad Connector System
108-1065  MTA-156 Posted Connectors
108-1058  MTA-156 Card Edge Connectors

Application Specifications

114-1019  MTA-100 Connectors
114-1020  MTA-156 Connectors
114-1031  MTA-100 Ribbon Cable Connector Assembly
114-1032  MTA-156 Ribbon Cable Connector Assembly
114-1048  MTA-156 Quad Connector
1. For MTA Cable Assemblies Contact Advance Cable Systems Division.
2. See Catalog #65755 for Planar Ribbon Cable.

*The dimensions shown represent the recommended minimum and maximum for notches; the actual dimension will depend on your application requirements.

1. Cable shall be notched, as indicated in the individual ribbon cable connector assembly drawing, according to the requirements specified in these figures. Conductor shall not be exposed after notching, nor shall individual wire stands be cut or nicked.
2. U.L. Style #2651 ribbon cable is approved for use with MTA-100 and MTA-156 connectors per Application Specification 114-1031 and 114-1032.

Cable Edge-to-Edge Alignment (Ends of the cable shall be prepared as indicated in this figure)

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