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Positive Lock Connectors Product Line Information

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Originally designed to meet the requirements of automobile production, this connector finds applications in any product where strong vibration and mechanical strain are present.

The contact can be mated easily, simultaneously creating a good mechanical locking force. This is achieved by a spring member on the receptacle.

The contact will not separate by a pull on the wire.

When the receptacle housing is pulled deliberately, an internal ramp designed into the housing engages with the spring member, depressing it, thus releasing the lock. The tabs must be in accordance with DIN 46244.

A variety of finishes is available to guarantee no corrosion under all environmental conditions.

A wide range of housing colors and materials is available to suit individual needs.

The simple construction of the single housings allow them to be adapted to multi-position housings with almost all contact arrangements in the mating area according to DIN.


Automotive Industry
Household Goods

Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.. File E28476 (M)

Operating Principle

The Positive Lock receptacle, crimped onto the wire, is inserted into the cavity and...

...pushed over the locking nob on the bottom of the cavity. The cavity slightly "bulges" outwards.

The Positive Lock receptacle is shown here In locked position in the cavity, but can be moved in a limited back and forth motion.

The tab, when inserted, pushes down the Positive Lock receptacle's locking latch.

When the mating position is reached, the locking latch engages in the tab's locking hole. This prevents an unintentional breaking of the connection.

When the housing is pulled back, the actuating ramp of the housing is pushing down the locking latch far enough to release the inserted tab.

Test Results for POSITIVE LOCK Contacts

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